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SB1 Training & Other Materials

Hi everyone! I am delighted to share with you all the latest in our efforts to educate voters about the new election laws: a general SB1 training slide show, which is meant to be an on-the-shelf training on the new law that we can provide to folks when it would be helpful, and a resource for partners to take and create their own trainings and other resources. You can see the training at this link, which you are more than welcome to distribute wherever you like:

This training will be updated over time as we have new information about how the law is being implemented. Each new version of the training will be noted with an updated date at the bottom of the title slide.

Also, as a reminder, we also have these other resources about the new laws that are available to anyone who wants them:
James Slattery
Senior Staff Attorney, Voting Rights Program
Texas Civil Rights Project